Responsible Business

Giving Back

Being a responsible business means operating in a way that reflects our values, treating our stakeholders with respect and connecting our business decisions to society’s healthcare needs.

We believe by being ethical and responsible in everything we do we can grow a sustainable and valuable business not only for our shareholders but for consumers and patients around the world.

Our business makes a valuable contribution to society. However, we know that the research and development, manufacture and sale of our medicines, vaccines and consumer products can raises ethical issues. We aim to be open and transparent about how we tackle these issues. We seek to minimise the negative impacts and maximise the benefits of our business.

GSK Australia’s corporate responsibility report is a local supplement to our global corporate responsibility report, both of which cover four distinct areas:
Health for all
This section describes what we did in 2012 to address health needs and improve patient access irrespective of where people live or their ability to pay.
Our people and communities

This section covers the contributions we made to our local communities and some details of how we aimed to create an inclusive and supportive environment for our employees.

Our behaviour

As a global, responsible business we are driven by our values in everything we do and have robust policies and compliance processes. This section describes how we go about our work.

Our planet

We are committed to growing our business in a sustainable way. This section highlight some of the achievements we have made in Australia which will help make this ambition a reality.
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