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20 Dec 2012 - Authorisation of Medicines Code - great news for increased transparency

Increased transparency around payments to healthcare professionals and consumer organisations, as well as the removal of brand name reminders in the Medicines Code of Conduct were welcomed today by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) authorised the Medicines Australia Code today.

“GSK has been a very strong advocate for increased transparency in the pharmaceutical industry. We have voluntarily disclosed publically, the aggregate amount of fees paid to Australian healthcare professionals and health-related organisations, for all sponsorships, grants, speaking engagements and consulting services for the last two years,” Mr Geoff McDonald General Manager, Pharmaceuticals GSK Australia, said.

GSK also been very supportive of meeting community expectations to further increase this transparency, by disclosing individual payments made to healthcare professionals as long as this disclosure was industry wide and allowed time for full consultation with interested parties.

“We welcome the decision the ACCC made today, to support a process to greater transparency in our industry. I am a member of the Medicines Australia transparency working group and I look forward to finding a solution to individual payment disclosure that is workable and demonstrates the value of industry and healthcare professionals working together,” Geoff said.

GSK also supports the complete removal of brand name reminders. GSK stopped using brand reminders several years ago.

GSK was the first pharmaceutical company in Australia to make public the aggregate amount spent on grants, donations and sponsorships with healthcare professionals and related organisations.


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Additional Information – HCP Definition
For the purposes of this initiative, Healthcare Practitioners are defined as: “Members of the medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing professions and any other persons, who may, as a result of their professional qualifications, be able to prescribe, recommend, purchase, supply or administer medicines.”