Smoking Cessation  

Nicabate® includes a range of products designed to help people quit smoking. Nicabate® is the market leading therapeutic nicotine (also known as nicotine replacement therapy or NRT) brand in Australia1.

NRT works by replacing some of the nicotine that the smoker gets from smoking, helping to take the edge off withdrawal symptoms such as cravings.

This allows the smoker to focus on breaking the habits of smoking. Over time the dose of nicotine is gradually reduced and then discontinued.

1. AZTEC, MAT December 2012

Stop smoking aid. Contains nicotine. Use only as directed.
Nicabate® is a registered trade mark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies


Nicabate® Lozenge

  • Tackle your strongest cravings as and when they appear
  • 12-week step-down programme
  • Nicabate 4mg lozenges can help you to keep your weight under control whilst quitting


Nicabate® Gum


  • Use throughout the day to manage cravings
  •  Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke over time
  • Choose from 4mg extra strength or 2mg regular strength


Nicabate Pre-Quit®

  • Ease into quitting without sudden stopping
  • 2-week Pre-Quit programme helps to gradually reduce your urge to smoke
  • Pre-Quit plus the 10 week step down programme is the most effective way to quit with patches 1-4

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2. Rose JE, et al. Pre-cessation treatment with nicotine patch significantly increases abstinence rates relative to conventional treatment. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2009 11(9):1067-1075.

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4. GSK data on file


Nicabate Minis® 4mg

  • Quit one cigarette at a time, at your own pace
  • Relieves cravings in minutes
  • Pocket-sized pack is easy to keep with you


Nicabate® 24 hours Patches with SMART CONTROL® technology

  • Gets to work fast, and keeps working for 24 hours to help control your cravings
  • 10-week step-down programme allows you to gradually help control your need for nicotine
  • Discreet, flexible and available in clear

Key Products in the Smoking Cessation range are:
Did you Know?

Nicabate QuitPartner is a free programme where smokers can create their own personalised stop smoking plan. QuitPartner is designed to help give smokers the extra assistance to break habits associated with smoking. QuitPartner encourages smokers to regularly log in to the site and also sends regular e-mails designed to motivate and educate.

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